About Pink Lemonade Company


Kelli Mitchell is the owner of and designer at Pink Lemonade Company. In 2009, while finishing up her bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Web Design, Kelli began laying the foundation for what would soon become Pink Lemonade Company.

In the beginning, Kelli offered mainly website design and branding but her requests for her style of graphics and work quickly grew. In trying to keep up with the demand Kelli wanted to come up with a solution to offer her graphics on a bigger scale so that more business owners could incorporate them into their own businesses without waiting for an open appointment on an overbooked schedule.

From that, PLC Creative Living was launched. PLC Creative Living is the flagship at Pink Lemonade Company. Inside Creative Living, all members get access to new graphics each month with VIP members getting instant access to over 2000 files. Kelli’s main goal was creating a place that offered graphics to business owners that didn’t include the strict licensing and use terms that can be so limiting to the creativity of business owners.

As Pink Lemonade Company grew, there was a need for helping others in business excel, too. Out of that mission, the Photoshop and Fabulous course was created so that Kelli could teach Photoshop to other business owners.

She has helped others grow their businesses and places high value in a ‘community over competition’ atmosphere. This is evident in her Facebook group which focuses on providing an insightful, encouraging environment for business owners of all levels. An avid reader, consistent goal setter, and believer in high-quality mindset, Kelli focuses on the heart of the business by leading her business from the heart.