The time Lucille Ball made me get right with life.

A couple of days ago, I wrote a post giving yourself permission to put in the time to pursue your passion – even if it meant others weren’t so keen on the idea. (You can read it here. And do so if you need a permission slip because I have one just for you). As a […] Read more

Your Permission Slip Has Been Signed.

  Here is the sucky thing about starting or running a business: it takes time. You probably know that is no secret. Sometimes it takes time to actually make money, to get all your systems in place and make sense of it all. And when you are investing this time into your business chances are […] Read more

Video: How to Change your Facebook URL

  Does your Facebook business page URL look something like this? But you want it to look nice and neat like this: If you said yes then watch this video on how to change it and make life easier for you, your business, and all those customers wanting to connect with you on […] Read more

Facebook Ad Printable

Hey! I wanted to share a free printable with you that I use all the time. I run a lot of Facebook ads and I find it useful to keep track of: What special I was running during the ad The dates I ran the ad How much money I spent on the ad How much […] Read more

The one thing that saved my business.

I learned the hard way. So let me save you some time. If you are new to running your business and are at the end of your rope, or have been hustling awhile and are two steps away from burning out, let me give you a virtual hug and tell you that I know how […] Read more

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