Email Marketing

The Quick and Easy Way to Proofread

  If you are short on time and attention span but know proofreading is a must then let me share my quick hack on proofing the quick and easy way. Once I write out my blog post, or other lengthy write-up, I then copy the entire text. Then I hop on over to  Google Translate [...]

Why Selling on Social Media is Hurting Your Business

  Hi! Okay, I am going to make this quick and painless. Hopefully. Here are 3 reasons you are potentially doing damage to your business and stunting your own business growth if you are selling on social media: Selling only on social media and not being able to send your customer to a real live website [...]

The Three Mistakes You Might be Making with Your Business.

I bet you would agree with me when I say ‘running a business is NOT easy”. I have been in the game long enough now that I can spot mistakes other businesses are making. And my first reaction is to want to help them because I sure wished for help for my own little business way [...]

Email Marketing and Your Etsy Shop

A week or so ago, I had a question in the private Facebook group (want in? Click here) and a few emails asking about Etsy’s policy regarding newsletters and email marketing. So let’s talk about it. You can’t directly add Etsy customers to your email list without their consent. And there isn’t a way to hook [...]

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