Video: Business Q and A

This Facebook Live was filled with a lot of business information with a little bit of chaos thrown in. We cover flamingos, dogs, sublimation printing vs DTG printing, and answer questions on business topics. Plus, Kelli shares some of her favorite business/mindset books as well as her two favorite business coaches who have helped her. [...]

3 Ways to Amp Up Creativity

Hey! I did a little Facebook Live video the other night (messy hair, no makeup and all, girl!). I shared three ways in which I get my creative groove going. If you missed it,  you can watch it below. Not gonna lie - the video took a bit of a turn when the kids crashed [...]

The best thing you can do for your business today

Showing up on social media for your business is important. Making sure all is working correctly on your website is pretty important, too. And, of course, you have to always work on building your email list. Those three things, in my opinion, are all paramount to a successful online business. But there is something that [...]

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