Are you thinking about giving up on your dream?

Dear  business owner/dreamer/beautiful soul,

Don’t even. Don’t even give up on that dream. Because it’s never the wrong dream. The beautiful thing about pursuing a dream is that it will transform into what you are supposed to go after. It won’t lead you down the wrong path but rather it will grow into the thing you are supposed to do. It takes time.



From the little seed of a dream, if you keep going, it will grow and wind and twist to become this thing that is one with you. And this thing that is for you. You can trust that if you press forward the dream will unfold to show you where the best version of yourself can be found. Trust the process, learn from the hurt (those hurts are where grow so don’t resist them), allow yourself grace, and above all, never, never, never give up.



It will happen – maybe not in the way you imagine and the end might look differently than what is pictured in your head but it will happen in the most beautiful, most wonderful way. Because it is your dream. It is your journey in which you will become the person you were meant to become and live the life you were meant to live.

Not being sure in business is normal. I wanted to quit in the beginning and even a few years ago.

Read this where I share my own meltdown and what saved my business. And read how I really jumped to the next level of success here.

XO- Kelli

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