Do you really need Photoshop?


I have been meaning to write something about this for awhile but you know how things go in business. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, the pied piper wants to be paid, and there just aren’t enough hours in the day. (I have no idea what any of that means).

Okay, let’s get down to it.

So, you have some type of design business where you create things, or maybe you are just starting out. Or you are starting to think about starting a business where you want to create things. If you fall into any of those categories, listen up, sister.

I see ladies trying to skimp by without Photoshop every day and it makes me sad. You are trying to use other software. Free software because your business isn’t making money. Or whatever software your printer or cutter came with because it was included and you figure you should just make it work. Or you think Photoshop is too hard to learn. Or too expensive. Or too whatever reason you tell yourself. Or maybe you just don’t even know you need it, and you are all new to this. Whatever is going on – we are going to fix it. Right now.

Because here is the thing about all that. There is a bigger issue here. If you have been around me for any time at all, you know I am a mindset girl. I believe mindset about business is more important than marketing, more important than gathering new customers, and more important than your social media following.

The first step to creating a successful business is to treat your business as if it is already successful.

One of the biggest problems I see in women starting out in their businesses is the hesitation to invest in themselves. And it underlies a huge mindset issue. They put everyone and everything else first and their business gets pushed to the back of the line. They make do with tools that are ineffective in achieving their goals. They don’t invest in the coaching, or the guidance to get their business to the next level. They don’t invest in the research they need to create that dream business.

Okay, crazy lady, what does that have to do with Photoshop?!

I hear ya. It might seem a little far-fetched. But the thing is that you need to treat your business well, treat yourself well, and invest in your business and yourself well. The quickest way to success and seeing your business grow is to step into your higher, future self and act from that place now. Would your successful, smart, business minded self skip out on Photoshop and go with something less? What tools does your future successful self use in her thriving business 5 years from now? What does her day look like? Is she afraid to learn new things? Is she afraid to step into her power and create a beautiful life? NO! She gets it done! She learns new things. She “splurges” on the new course, or the new software, or the new coach because she knows by investing in herself, her business will grow as a result.

So, I implore you to learn Photoshop (whichever way you can, whether you learn it from me or not), pay the $9.99 a month, and make it happen. If you are doing anything with design, or digital graphics, you know I’m going to tell you to go all in with Photoshop.

When I started out the only option for Photoshop was to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars for the software. But they offer it on a monthly subscription now (yes, I know some people think that’s not cool – and would rather buy it one time for x dollars but whatever that’s not the point here). If I wouldn’t have invested in myself, and my business, when I started out, I wouldn’t have what I have today – an awesome business that solely provides for my children and me. Plain and simple.

So, go get ya some Photoshop here.

I use the Photography Plan myself for $9.99 a month. Cancel Netflix if you have to. You don’t need to watch TV anyway. You are building a business and TV is a distraction. (Oh, what about TV for the kids? Pfft. They can go outside. Or read. It won’t kill ’em. Or would it? I can’t attest to this other than to say that my kids would probably shrivel into nothing without a screen).

Now, what’s next?


So, you get Photoshop but what now, right? If you want to, check out my course Photoshop and Fabulous. I have had rave reviews. But don’t take my word for it. You are welcome to join my private Facebook group full of creatives where some of my Photoshop students hang out. They are free with their information and will happily tell you their opinion on the Photoshop course (and pretty much anything else that you need help with).

Oh, before you go – two things:

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