Hello there! If you have a Facebook group, or soon will, this quick tutorial will show you how to set the name for your group. This helps people find your group and you can share a pretty link instead of the messy, long one with all the numbers. Let's get going...     To [...]

So you have a business. You use social media. And maybe (hopefully) you have a website. But you aren't sure that email marketing is right for you or maybe you don't even know what it is. Let's cut right through that pronto. First things first - what is email marketing? Well, in the most basic [...]

  "On Wednesdays, we wear pink". That line will be forever associated with Wednesdays for me. But no. I don't wear pink on Wednesdays as a rule. On Wednesdays, I take time to make sure my weekly and monthly goals are still in line with my vision. It's my time to check in and make [...]

    Let's talk business. More specifically Facebook. I have three social media loves for my business - Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. But I get over 75% of my website traffic from Facebook. And, no, I don't spend tons of money a month on Facebook ads. I do use Facebook ads because they work and [...]

  Hello! I am taking a break for just a bit and wanted to share My Favorite Things! I love getting to do this because it's fun and it reminds me of watching Oprah and how she would show everyone her favorite things and then the audience members actually got all the products she was [...]

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