Are you feelin’ the Summer Vibes?! I am so loving that it is summer. Of course, all that means is I still get up early to work every day (or almost) but my three kiddos are enjoying sleeping in, splashing in the pool, or lounging around. It creates a fun, summery vibe that I love being immersed in.

And while I am working on my business everrrday I wanted to quickly share the top email question that I am getting currently. And that question goes something like this: “I want to use graphics. They look fun – but what are some ways to use them?”.

When I get several emails of the same question, I take it as a sign that that is something I need to provide my audience. So, my dear friends, I have created a free download – 10 Ways to Use Digital Graphics. Plus it has some ideas on ways to make money using digital graphics. Woohoo. I do it every day. And you can, too. Want it? Get it here.

All the best to you!