Showing up on social media for your business is important. Making sure all is working correctly on your website is pretty important, too. And, of course, you have to always work on building your email list.

Those three things, in my opinion, are all paramount to a successful online business.

But there is something that is equally, or perhaps more significant, than all those three combined. But I didn’t know that for years running my business. And I stayed at the same place for a long time. That place kept me struggling, not being able to pay all of my bills, and staying in a relationship that was not good for me. And my business wasn’t adding value to my life but rather it was sucking out my soul for the most part. That sounds extreme – but I take business very seriously and I was burning out quick. I was running in circles, working harder and harder, and nothing seemed to be making a difference. I am stubborn by nature and I thought if I forced it hard enough, it would work.

I was doing all I could logically using social media, working on my website, and building my list. Shouldn’t success be showing up already?

So, apparently, I was missing some part of the equation. I started reading books about gratitude and mindset in business and things started shifting. Nothing monumental but I noticed things getting better. So, I started reading more and absorbing all I could. Things were getting better. Still not great but I was on to something. I just didn’t know what. God was already a part of my business – I frequently prayed about my little business and told God about how much life was sucking and how my business was letting me down on multiple occasions. I was committed but this was a semi-pathetic way to live. I soon realized I was going at this all wrong.

I saw a quote that was nothing new (I had seen it before). But something struck me and it really changed the way I approached life.

Lightbulb moment! I understood! All I had been doing was complaining of my business problems and unintentionally focusing on that (even if it was in prayer some of the time). I needed to rewire my mindset completely. I needed to start having massive gratitude for things that hadn’t even happened yet! I needed to start thanking God and approaching my business as if it was already giving me the freedom I was really wanting and needing in life.

Things changed. Things changed in a big way that it still gives me chills just writing this. My perspective did a 180 and I had a renewed energy. Day by day, that energy grew and I started working on my business from a place of gratitude and success. It was so simple yet so profound. I no longer complained about things going poorly. I shouted about things that were going right and every day small successes started adding up to bigger ones, and the momentum grew and grew.

My dear business owning friend, the best thing I have learned about business is that mindset is a HUGE player in success. It trumps out any marketing campaign or strategy that I have in my playbook. It has made such a profound difference that things look the way I want them to now. I got rid of the nagging inability to pay bills. I started to see my own worth and value and left the toxic relationship. I stopped feeling defeated. As cheesy as it sounds, I found my own freedom.

The BEST thing you can do for your business today is work on your mindset. Nothing, nothing, nothing else matters in the scheme of business or life until that is sorted out. All else will fall in line when you start living each day as if your prayers have already been answered.

I wish you and your business all the best!


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