• Four Steps to Grow Bigger in Your Business

    Our primary goals in business are usually to grow, reach more people, and bring in more income. It is just not always apparent on what we should do to achieve these goals.

    I so get that. For a long time, I felt stuck and, despite my best efforts, I stayed stuck. But then I got serious about learning how to move forward quicker. I realized I had a lot more power in my business (and life) than I realized. If you are ready to move forward, go bigger, get more traction, then watch the video below.

    Four Steps to Grow Bigger in Your Business.



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  • PS Video

    Digital Graphics and Photoshop are everywhere. And for good reason. Between the two, add a little imagination, and you can create just about anything.

    In the video below, I go over:

    • some fun ideas you can do in Photoshop
    • some of my favorite design projects
    • one of my favorite tools in Photoshop
    • where you can get Photoshop for $10 a month

    At the end of the video, I talk about our new course Design Business in a Box and how you can join that if you are wanting to learn Photoshop, start a business, or grow your current business.

    You are welcome to join our wait list (scroll below the video) for the new course if you want more information.

    I would love to hang out with you! Join our FREE Facebook group here.






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  • Love is in the Air


    We might not all be a big fan of Valentine’s Day. I’m not. It’s a bit cheesy and the restaurants are so crowded. Love means never having to wait for a table in my world.

    But I love love nonetheless.

    Over the weekend, I was on my couch devouring chocolate candies and messing around on my iPad. (Holy cow – who else loves the Procreate app?!). This is one of the things I do to decompress. I created some hearts for an upcoming project I am working on. But I wanted to share the hearts with you. Because sharing is caring, as they say. And caring is lovely. So, let’s all share, and care, and love.

    You can download these 8 individual heart files here. Or you can just click the image to download, too.

    Speaking of love, do you love Instagram? I do. I literally have over twenty thousand more followers on Facebook but I just love Instagram. I posted this recently because boy it is so true. Every time I drop my kids off at school, I cringe a little inside thinking please wash your hands at least 43 times!. I know you mamas feel me on this. If you want to follow me on the ‘Gram as the cool kids say, you can follow me at @pinklemonadecompany or

    I hope your week is full of love (and less germs).




    For more FREE graphics plus a FREE guide on how to make money with digital graphics, scroll on down below.




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