• PS Video

    Digital Graphics and Photoshop are everywhere. And for good reason. Between the two, add a little imagination, and you can create just about anything.

    In the video below, I go over:

    • some fun ideas you can do in Photoshop
    • some of my favorite design projects
    • one of my favorite tools in Photoshop
    • where you can get Photoshop for $10 a month

    At the end of the video, I talk about our new course Design Business in a Box and how you can join that if you are wanting to learn Photoshop, start a business, or grow your current business.

    You are welcome to join our wait list (scroll below the video) for the new course if you want more information.

    I would love to hang out with you! Join our FREE Facebook group here.






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  • Digital Graphics, Photoshop, and More on Q and A Day!


    Hey there! In the video below, I did a ‘Q and A’ day with my Facebook group. I covered a lot of info on digital graphics and Photoshop and more.

    We went over:

    • The basic differences between Photoshop and Illustrator
    • Corel vs. Adobe
    • What I use to edit my videos/tutorials
    • What a typical workday looks like for me
    • Working a full time 9 to 5 but wanting to start a full-time business
    • How to get into using Photoshop
    • and more!

    If you like what you see and want more, you are welcome to join our Facebook group and/or sign up below for some FREE graphics plus a FREE guide on 5 ways to make money with digital graphics.



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  • The Morning Routine That Helped Skyrocket My Business


    Hi there!

    If you are a business owner, I want to share with you something that really changed it up for me in my own business.

    In this video, I shared with my Facebook group the morning mindset routine that helped skyrocket my business. ‘Struggle ‘ is no longer a word in my vocabulary. Well… I struggle to stop eating Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate & Caramel squares but that’s another post. Anyway, I went over with my group how I use a worksheet each morning and how it has changed my business for the better.

    Also, I am sharing the FREE worksheet with you. Watch the video. Download the worksheet (below the video). Change up your life. Yay!


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