• Wander for Adventure Freebie Printable Digital Paper

    “Not all those who wander are lost”. – J.R.R. Tolkien


    Up for grabs today, is a free 8 x 10 printable in .PDF format. freebie-wander

    Download Freebie Here.

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  • Freebie: Meal Planner and Recipe Printable


    Hi Friends! I hope your week is going well. Chances are you are a busy hip hoppin’ mom like me. This is not to imply that I rap – but I feel like I am hopping all over the place most days. Ok, I will confess that I have a thing called Gangsta Rap Tuesdays. Sometimes it falls on Wednesdays because I forget. On Gangsta Rap Tuesdays, I turn up the rap (I am a big baby and prefer the clean, edited versions if available) and jam out while working. Yesterday happened to be GRT (that’s what we call it around the office. Well, that’s what I call it because I work alone. Alllll alone).

    I have forgotten what my point is. Oh, I created this printable to keep track of what delectable food my children and I will be dining on during the week. It’s nothing fancy but serves its purpose. The second sheet is what I use when I find those great recipes on Pinterest and want a place to write them down. Now most of you ultra hip cool chicks out there probably use some digital form of recipes but I am old school and I am not ready to let go of my pen and paper.

    So, grab ’em up here if you are so inclined. 

    If you enjoyed this freebie, or post, or website, comment below. I love reading them and connecting with you. In addition you can find me on social media at or

    Basically I am just asking for some validation or for some friends. Did I mention I work ALLLL alone?

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  • Three ways I stay organized.

    We are focusing on goals this month and getting our business in shape so we can get to the next level of success. One of the top five questions I get over and over again is ‘how do I stay organized?’.

    So, I thought I would share how I stay organized in my business with these three easy steps and give you a peek into my own system.



    I usually have a focus or theme for my blog posts and newsletters each month. And I have a corresponding printable that I use to track each month of the year. It allows me to concentrate on the big picture and give me a general idea of what my focus is for that month. Plus, this system gives me a good way to brainstorm and make notes of upcoming events.

    Click the image to purchase the 6 month content plan for only $2.97.



    For each month, I have a editorial calendar that I print out. It gives me a reminder of what my overall focus is for the month but then also breaks it down by each week of the month. I keep all of my systems flexible and work off of big blocks on my printable so that if I need to incorporate a different way of doing something I don’t have to create an entirely new system.

    Click the image to purchase the editorial calendar for only $2.97.



    And, to stay on track for each day, I use my Daily To Do printable. This gives me a place to keep track of my goals for the day, things I need to remember, and what meetings I have that day. It also reminds me to focus on what I am grateful for each day (this, I believe, is a HUGE factor in getting to the next level of success).

    Click the image to purchase the daily planner printable for only $1.97.


    So that is the flexible system I use. As a creative, my brain goes all over the place so I like working off the big block system and not being too constrained my planners that work around time slots.

    This system has really made a difference in the way I run my business. And I like being able to have an overall glance of what all I am doing. I keep everything in a big binder. So, what kind of system do you use? What works for you? I would love to hear about in the comments below.


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