Ready for a quick Q and A session? Let’s go!

Q. What kind of heat press do you use?

A. That’s a wonderful question. And, you look amazing today, by the way. Snazzy! 😉  I have used two heat presses in my days at Pink Lemonade Company. My first one with our DTG printer was a lot more expensive and worked like a charm. With the second heat press, I spent a LOT less and guess what – it works like a charm!

The very one I use now is one from Amazon and I have had zero issues with it. A business friend, Lisa Faber from Salty Gypsy Boutique, uses the same one and passed on the info to me so I bought it. And for as cheap as it is, I am amazed.  It heats up quickly and evenly. It is very sturdy and handles all the work I throw at it. I have no complaints. You can get it here on Amazon or click below to shop. (Affiliate link – but I only promote products I have used and love).