Things are in full holiday swing around here. I am in love with seeing all the Christmas lights going up around town, and the smiles get wider across my children’s faces as we are all having getting in the spirit of things.  I thrive on Christmas joy and the traditions that don’t cost anything or much – our local Christmas parade, baking Christmas cookies, putting up the tree, the peace that seems to settle on things this time of year. Yeah, I know this time of year is also synonymous with crazy hectic schedules, overloaded fits of gluttony on some level or another, and breaking the bank to keep up with the holiday shopping. BUT I am refusing to focus on that and just try to remember how I felt as a kid – the wonder of it all. I love the peaceful feeling of how the cold weather outside contrasts beautifully with the warm, cozy feeling inside. I want to do the simple small things that make Christmas special and forget how from Black Friday on everything has the potential to become a frenzy that no one actually enjoys.


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