• Flea Market Freebie


    I am so pumped to get this out. I am loving the new PLC Flea Market collection that was released yesterday so I wanted to follow it up with a FREE kit (because gratitude and we all need some more free in our lives!).

    Oh, let’s back it up just a bit…

    If you are new to PLC let me take a second to introduce myself. Hi! My name is Kelli and my business is Pink Lemonade Company. Since 2011, I have been designing graphics. Lots of them. Each month a new collection is released and yesterday was ‘release day’! Woohoo. Love that day of the month.


    The PLC Flea Market Collection

    So, the day that the new graphics get released is always a major high for me because my job is a lot of fun for me. We have over 500 members now in PLC Creative Living and I love seeing how they use my graphics in their projects.

    Some use them in personal projects and some use them in their own business. The business owners that are members create digital t-shirt design files, or sublimation transfers, or website graphics and just a whole lot more. It’s just so cool.

    So this morning after waking up to some really sweet emails and some lovely new sign-ups to the membership site, I was just really happy and wanted to send some gratitude out for the love fest that has been going on in my business lately.

    I created this FREE kit as a way to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who already knows of PLC, and to say ‘hello!’ to anyone who might stumble across this post.


    You can download the free kit here. (Or click the image above).


    Now, if you love graphics, or maybe you are just wanting to get into using them, sign up below for some more free-ness and fun resources.

    My Turquoise Bling Alpha graphics have been among my most popular and best-selling graphics.

    Today I am giving them out FREE! Plus, I am throwing in a funky little Facebook cover image.

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  • FREEBIE – Rainbow Banner Set

    It’s rainy outside today. It’s Saturday. And I am creating just for fun. Since I design for a living, I really enjoy when I can just sit down and create some stuff for fun. “She works hard for the money, so hard for it, honey” – that song just went through my head. I haven’t thought about that song in a while.

    Anyway – I have been working on some banners today. Lots of them. Because I really like them and I like creating them. (I must be stuck on banners lately because I did a tutorial on how to create a Halloween banner here).

    So, in my day filled with banners, I thought I might give you a set free. If you want it, just download it here or click the image below. You can even use it in your business projects because that’s how we roll around here. Just please don’t share or sell ‘as is’. Don’t be shady. Or salty. I think ‘salty’ is what the cool kids say these days.



    If you are new to my digital graphics, then I invite you to take a peek at some of my latest kits.





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  • DIY Halloween Banner Tutorial – FREE Printable

    In this tutorial, I am showing you how I use digital papers and turn them into a ‘real life’ Halloween banner.

    To get the digital files that I use in the video, just download them here for FREE.

    *This is also a great tutorial on how to print digital graphics onto fabric even if you don’t have any interest in creating the Halloween banner. 


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