• The Morning Routine That Helped Skyrocket My Business


    Hi there!

    If you are a business owner, I want to share with you something that really changed it up for me in my own business.

    In this video, I shared with my Facebook group the morning mindset routine that helped skyrocket my business. ‘Struggle ‘ is no longer a word in my vocabulary. Well… I struggle to stop eating Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate & Caramel squares but that’s another post. Anyway, I went over with my group how I use a worksheet each morning and how it has changed my business for the better.

    Also, I am sharing the FREE worksheet with you. Watch the video. Download the worksheet (below the video). Change up your life. Yay!


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  • Video: Business Q and A

    This Facebook Live was filled with a lot of business information with a little bit of chaos thrown in.

    We cover flamingos, dogs, sublimation printing vs DTG printing, and answer questions on business topics. Plus, Kelli shares some of her favorite business/mindset books as well as her two favorite business coaches who have helped her. Lots of information covered amongst a little bit of chaos. Kelli gets whacked in the head for example. Good times.

    Below the video, you will find the video timeline, the coaches mentioned in the video, and the books mentioned as well.


    Video Timeline: 

    • 03:10 – Welcome
    • 03:46 – Special Guest Darlene
    • 04:29 – Kelli gets whacked in the head
    • 10:18 – Ryleigh’s tips on destressing
    • 11:40 – Facebook Sublimation Group
    • 12:13 – Complete chaos
    • 12:21 – We’re back
    • 13:35 – Q & A – Topics
      • DTG vs. Sublimation
      • Photoshop CC vs. Elements
      • Better Printer Quality
      • Converted Sublimation Home Printer
      • Pricing Question
    • 18:50 – Instagram user @nola_val
    • 21:00 – Pricing Question Revisited
    • 23:00 – Fake it ’til you make it
    • 23:50 – A few of Kelli’s favorite books for business/mindset
    • 29:40 – Best Print for T-shirts
    • 31:48 – The Pricing Mindset
    • 33:29 – Favorite business coaches/courses
    • 36:30 – Ryleigh sharing some questionable positivity
    • 39:04 – Darlene’s back
    • 39:15 – Layered designs question
    • 40:40 – WordPress question
    • 44:20 – Smart research for your business

    The coaches mentioned in this video:

    Denise Duffield-Thomas 

    Colleen Arneil

    The books mentioned in the video:

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