We live in an age where we can start a business so easily. Our great grandmothers would be in awe. Women today have the ability to create an entirely different (read: easy) life than generations of women who came before us. I’m especially passionate about the topic of passive income. It has allowed me [...]

Digital Graphics and Photoshop are everywhere. And for good reason. Between the two, add a little imagination, and you can create just about anything. In the video below, I go over: some fun ideas you can do in Photoshop some of my favorite design projects one of my favorite tools in Photoshop where you can [...]

  After being in the digital graphics business for years there is a question I see constantly. (Which is my favorite question because I love seeing people getting interested in digital graphics and design!). The question goes something like this… “Your graphics are cute but how do I use them?”     And this is where [...]

This Facebook Live was filled with a lot of business information with a little bit of chaos thrown in. We cover flamingos, dogs, sublimation printing vs DTG printing, and answer questions on business topics. Plus, Kelli shares some of her favorite business/mindset books as well as her two favorite business coaches who have helped her. [...]

Hey there! I haven’t done a freebie in a bit so I thought I would do so now. Fresh on the block (what block? I don’t know) today are my Old World Cowboy Design digital papers. Six papers. All for free. Woohoo! The best part? If you order now, you can pay $0 over the [...]

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