At Pink Lemonade Company, we're helping you grow your online creative business and empowering you to build your own freedom!

PLC is an inviting, supportive community for creators ready to learn design and marketing skills that cultivate their creativity and financial freedom.

You’ve always carried a flame for creativity but life has always gotten in the way. On your feed you see others killing it with their online business and want the same for yourself. 

You’re ready to awaken your creativity and build a sustainable income from home. But you need a little support & guidance to get there.

From coaching & courses on Photoshop and selling online to graphics resources through PLC Insiders, we’re here to make sure you succeed no matter what. 

Hi there! I’m Kelli. I’m an expert creative business builder. And just a few years ago, I was where you are. 

When I went looking for financial freedom for myself (and my three children) back in 2011, I never expected to build a multi-six-figure business. But that’s exactly what I did. Pink Lemonade Company started out as a website design and branding studio but quickly became a destination for creators to learn design skills, sell their own graphics, and build their own solid creative businesses.

Now, I’m living proof that creativity can pave the way to freedom. That’s why I show creative people like you everything I’ve learned over the past decade in business so you can skip the trial & error and build a life that gives you balance, freedom, and independence.

We’ve helped thousands of creators go on to build profitable businesses. If they can do it, you can too!

Today, I lead a team who helps me continue the mission of cultivating a community of empowered creators to show up, create freely, and change their lives through leaning into their creativity. I’m based in Abilene, Texas, but the team is all over the U.S.

You won’t find closely guarded trade secrets here. That’s because we share what we've learned in growing PLC with you.

From our Facebook page to our PLC Insiders to our higher-level coaching programs, we want you to have everything you need to cultivate creativity & financial freedom. We help you get started by giving you the tools you’ll need to design amazing graphics that sell.

You’re also joining a community of creators (over 17,000 in our Facebook group alone!) who will support you, answer your burning questions, and guide you towards answers. We’re an energetic bunch that cares about helping you grow.

You’re not alone on this creative journey. 

Skip the competition. Get collaboration & community. Creativity = possibility.