You probably have lots of ideas happening.

We understand that! You are in good company.

Creativity is an awesome thing. And, we’re all about celebrating it at Pink Lemonade Company.

Maybe you…

  • Are looking for a place to get new graphics every month.
  • Want to learn more about graphics and create your own;
  • Or you want to turn that creative passion into a growing business;
  • Want to join a community of others just like you.

We sooo ‘get you’ here!

We love providing you with royalty-free graphics for your creative projects. But we also love helping you up your design skills as well as support you in building your online creative business. 

Hi! I’m Kelli Mitchell – owner and principal designer at Pink Lemonade Company.

I started Pink Lemonade Company over 10 years ago and it has grown over time into a crazy, fun place that has helped thousands of creative women just like you!

My team and I love creating graphics for our business ownin’ friends (personal users are welcome, too!). We’re on a mission to help other women grow their own online creative businesses as well as develop their design skills. Here at PLC, we believe creativity = possibility!