PS Video

Digital Graphics and Photoshop are everywhere. And for good reason. Between the two, add a little imagination, and you can create just about anything. In the video below, I go over: some fun ideas you can do in Photoshop some of my favorite design projects one of my favorite tools in Photoshop where you can […] Read more

Digital Graphics, Photoshop, and More on Q and A Day!

  Hey there! In the video below, I did a ‘Q and A’ day with my Facebook group. I covered a lot of info on digital graphics and Photoshop and more. We went over: The basic differences between Photoshop and Illustrator Corel vs. Adobe What I use to edit my videos/tutorials What a typical workday looks […] Read more

Love is in the Air

  We might not all be a big fan of Valentine’s Day. I’m not. It’s a bit cheesy and the restaurants are so crowded. Love means never having to wait for a table in my world. But I love love nonetheless. Over the weekend, I was on my couch devouring chocolate candies and messing around […] Read more

Flea Market Freebie

  I am so pumped to get this out. I am loving the new PLC Flea Market collection that was released yesterday so I wanted to follow it up with a FREE kit (because gratitude and we all need some more free in our lives!). Oh, let’s back it up just a bit… If you […] Read more

FREE pseudo flat lay photos

  Hello, Darling! I’m gonna be real here. I suck at flat lay photography. I tried it for a minute and realized that I just don’t have the patience and vision for it. Plus, I live in the digital world where I create things from nothing – and I can’t imagine all the props you […] Read more

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