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  • Video: How to add a logo to a cover image in Picmonkey

    Hey! I am so excited about the things that are happening at PLC and I have been on fire this week responding to your questions and creating videos to answer those questions. That is probably my favorite part of my business – getting to create content that you need to help run your business.

    If you own a business, or thinking of owning a business, or just want to learn more about digital design and social media marketing, make sure you join me here because I am releasing content and sharing things that I wish someone would have given me when I started my own business. I didn’t have anyone and had to learn it all from scratch, which is fine because I did learn a ton – but if I can help you, I want to help you. Save yourself some years and start rocking your business the way it deserves to rock!

    Anyway! Let’s get to the video. I have had several requests on how to add a logo to the funky little cover images I sent out. So here ya go!


    If there is anything I can help you with or if you have any questions about your business, make sure you leave a comment below. Or, even better, if you are getting all the awesome I have been sending to your inbox lately you can always reply back to any email I send you as I read all the responses I get. (If you aren’t getting the awesome-ness, and want to, sign up here!).Hope you are having a great day!


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