It’s that time of year where we’re focused on the new year, our goals, and plans for the coming 12 months so let’s make it count!

No matter what your goals are, growing your business, making healthier choices, or traveling more, a vision board can help get your thoughts organized. And, besides, it’s fun!

I’m not a cut pictures out of magazines vision board person. And I really encourage you to find the way that works best for you so that you feel connected to your vision – since, after all, that is the point of a vision board.

In the video, I’m sharing some of my own spins of vision boards and how I have used them to uplevel in my business (and life).

It’s no coincidence that my business started taking off when I started envisioning what I wanted my business (and my future) to look like and taking this vision and putting it into a vision board. 

Check it out and follow along with me as I make my vision board idea a reality. 

The main thing I want you to remember is….

There are no rules. Have fun. You get to create it however YOU want.

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