I decided to create two cake stands yesterday evening and they turned out cuter than I expected. I never know with DIY projects – and I am definitely not a craft pro. I’m more of a ‘wing it and let’s see what happens‘ type of gal. 

While my real job requires a lot of designing and creating in the digital realm, I love creating in the physical world, too. And, this little cake stand DIY was not only fun but also quick, easy, and cheap. 

Last week, I took my daughter, Ryleigh, thrifting with one of her friends and I found a couple of tin trays and some candle holders. I wasn’t really looking for them but as a mom to a teenage daughter, I’ve noticed I spend a lot of time either waiting outside of dressing rooms or hanging around while she finds what she is looking for. 

The candle holders were only 99 cents each and the tin trays were $1.99 each. I had some cans of spray paint at home that I bought months ago just because they were pretty in color. All those countless hours on Pinterest were about to pay off, baby!

The Process

I gave all the pieces a good cleaning with soap and hot water and got ready to work some magic. Some of the sticker residue was holding on and I didn’t have any adhesive remover on hand so I did what I could but left some of it on there. Since it was on the bottom and I knew I would be covering it with spray paint I didn’t bother with it too much. I attached the tin to the candle holder with hot glue. From there, I just sprayed a few light coats of paint (allowing time to dry between coats).

Jack and Sunny (my two dogs) were on hand to help me out. This photo of Jack cracks me up. He looks scared or maybe he was just completely unsure of whether or not I could actually make something useable out of a tin tray and candleholder. 😆 Thanks for the vote of confidence, Jack. 

Sunny (below) seems to be more sure of my DIY ability. (Glasses were added in Photoshop because she clearly looks amazing in glasses).

The End Result

I decided to mix it up a bit and turn one tray upside down while leaving the other upright. Yes, I’m pretty daring and crazy like that. 🤭 

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