Hello there! Today, we’re going to go over some fast facts about graphics. Specifically the graphics we create a Pink Lemonade Company.

What types of files does PLC offer?

Glad you asked! 😘 We offer raster-based graphics in high-resolution JPG and PNG files. We don’t offer vectors graphics such as SVGs. We’re obsessed with raster graphics because we can create a highly textured, distressed, worn look that we love and SVGS and other vector art are a bit limited in that respect.

Now, we aren’t dissin’ SVGs. They definitely have their pros. But for us, we really like creating and using raster graphics so we can capture the look we are going for.

Where can I use graphics from Pink Lemonade Company?

Ah! Excellent question. You can use them anywhere you would like! Almost! 😘 Our team has created these graphics to help you build a thriving creative business so use them where you need. You don’t even have to credit us. We do ask that you don’t resell our graphics ‘as is’ or share them for profit or for free. We like to keep the terms easy with low restrictions so that you can create what you want to create. While you can’t sell our graphics ‘as is’, you can use them as a supply and as part of a new design and even sell it digitally.

Do you sell your graphics to the public?

The only way to access our graphics is to join our membership PLC Insiders. And when you do join, you’ll be in good company as we have had over 1500 members join PLC Insiders! 😊 Every month we send out fresh new graphics as well as give you access to a vault full of previously released graphics (all the way back to 2017). We include a fun mix of elements (graphics), digital papers, and alpha files (so you can spell out some words in style!). We also like to throw in some fun social media digital assets from time to time like Facebook cover images, Instagram Story templates, Pinterest templates, and other social media graphics.

How can I join? I need to get into this amazing membership site ASAP!

Wow! Look at you go! Actually, enrollment for new members isn’t currently open but it will be soon. You’re welcome to join the waitlist here. Once you sign up for the waitlist, we will notify you as soon as the doors are open to the next round of members.