There’s no glamour in struggle and while it might have been a part of your identity up to this point, we’re shifting that today. In today’s video, I talk about that shift and how it helped move from me struggling Etsy seller to building a profitable brand doing work that lights my soul on fire in the best way possible. 

One of the things that I’ve learned in growing a creative business for over ten years is that the sales, the growth, the visibility – the success of it all – all starts from within myself and my beliefs about what is possible for me. In order to move from struggling creative business owner to having it work really well, I had to get really clear on what I actually would be willing to commit to. I would ask myself questions daily . Questions like ‘Am I allowing it to be good or am I actually committed to staying in struggle mode?’. ‘Do I really want to build an empire or do I actually want to continue to be a victim?’. This questions stung a little bit to be honest but when I got real with myself, it helped me get very clear on my vision. 

This video was taken from one of my live calls with my private clients. I share how I made the shift, and what I started to believe was possible for me even though I didn’t exactly have a clear strategy to make it all happen. My business (and life) looks completely different and this is something that is available for you, too. 

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