Four Facebook Cover Images – Bible Verses

Hello! This week has been a bit…trying. I am not the type of person who likes to focus on the negative (nor am I all sunshine and roses) but this week. Man. It’s been one of those weeks where you know you have to push through because you will be better on the other side. […] Read More

Three ways I stay organized.

We are focusing on goals this month and getting our business in shape so we can get to the next level of success. One of the top five questions I get over and over again is ‘how do I stay organized?’. So, I thought I would share how I stay organized in my business with […] Read More

More on Goals: The Goal Getter Series

I used to run my business (for years – don’t tell anyone) without setting substantial, trackable goals. Yes, I read about how successful people were obsessive about setting goals and without a measurable plan you were pretty much just flailing about. And as you probably know ‘flailing about it’ is no way to run a […] Read More

Part 2 – Getting out of your own way

This month we are doing a series on goals and talking about how we can get out of our own way. This is part 2 in that series.  Hi! Last week I shared with you how I came to the conclusion that things two things were keeping my business stuck: I had no goal system in […] Read More

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