FREE pseudo flat lay photos

  Hello, Darling! I’m gonna be real here. I suck at flat lay photography. I tried it for a minute and realized that I just don’t have the patience and vision for it. Plus, I live in the digital world where I create things from nothing – and I can’t imagine all the props you [...]

FREEBIE – French Circus Papers

Hey, y’all! It’s Kelli here and it is a quiet Friday afternoon as I type this out. I had a little free time on my design schedule today so I wanted to use it to create some free papers for you. So, on the menu for today (I’m hungry – it’s lunchtime!) is a free [...]

My Vintage Inspired Graphics Obsession

My obsession with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups is one I tend to hide. From my kids. Because I don’t want to share. My obsession with vintage-inspired graphics is one I like to share with everyone. From the first moments of stumbling on to the magic of scrapbook-y digital graphics in 2006, I have no shame [...]

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