5 Things to Start Doing in Your Business NOW!

Over the past year, I started making a short list of what I could do to run my business and keep my sanity in tact. It’s hard, right? That balance doesn’t always come easy. Especially when it is easy to take things personal because as any small business owner knows – you do tend to take negative […] Read more

K + M Free Christmas Graphics

Holiday Graphics for You!   In the spirit of giving, we are giving you two free Christmas graphics you can use on your social media business (or personal) account. Hello, Facebook. Hey there, Instagram. Spread a little Christmas cheer with these vintage styled graphics. Perfect for announcing an event, sale, or just to give your […] Read more

New Products and New Energy

Pink Lemonade Company, LLC has been in business for over five years. And although I love it(it’s my baby) it is exhausting, as any small business owner can attest. Recently, we restructured some of our business, separating our t-shirt business from our design business (in a way). For all the hard work it has been, we […] Read more

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