Getting the Life we Deserve.

Hey! I hope that you are having a good day where you are, and more importantly, I hope after you read this post, you might have a little bit better day. That’s kind of the goal of every blogger, I would assume. But for real! I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and read […] Read more

Do You Choose Adventure?

I am so very excited about 2016. Who’s with me? 2015 has been lovely but new adventures await us and it’s gonna be awesome. Yes, bad things are going to come in with the good but it will just make the good times even sweeter.  Here’s the thing- I am not by nature an optimistic person. It […] Read more

K + M Another Freebie Christmas Graphic

Things are in full holiday swing around here. I am in love with seeing all the Christmas lights going up around town, and the smiles get wider across my children’s faces as we are all having getting in the spirit of things.  I thrive on Christmas joy and the traditions that don’t cost anything or […] Read more

5 Things to Start Doing in Your Business NOW!

Over the past year, I started making a short list of what I could do to run my business and keep my sanity in tact. It’s hard, right? That balance doesn’t always come easy. Especially when it is easy to take things personal because as any small business owner knows – you do tend to take negative […] Read more

K + M Free Christmas Graphics

Holiday Graphics for You!   In the spirit of giving, we are giving you two free Christmas graphics you can use on your social media business (or personal) account. Hello, Facebook. Hey there, Instagram. Spread a little Christmas cheer with these vintage styled graphics. Perfect for announcing an event, sale, or just to give your […] Read more

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