Hi. I’m Kelli. I am obsessed with digital graphics. If you can relate, read on. Or maybe you are new to the whole wonderful of graphics and digital design. If so, you should read on, too.

First off, so that this post makes sense to those who don’t know me, I run a graphics membership site for business owners (personal users welcome, too).

PLC Creative Living was launched in May 2017 and it has spread like wildfire. (So, so thankful for my members!).

We send out Bonus Boxes to our VIP members every month (sometimes more, sometimes less). I have had some ask me what a typical ‘bonus box’ looks like.

The September box contained over 50 files. You can see all the graphics and papers there was in the September box in the image above.

So, that’s that. I just wanted to give all those who asked an idea of what goes into a bonus box.


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