We might not all be a big fan of Valentine’s Day. I’m not. It’s a bit cheesy and the restaurants are so crowded. Love means never having to wait for a table in my world.

But I love love nonetheless.

Over the weekend, I was on my couch devouring chocolate candies and messing around on my iPad. (Holy cow – who else loves the Procreate app?!). This is one of the things I do to decompress. I created some hearts for an upcoming project I am working on. But I wanted to share the hearts with you. Because sharing is caring, as they say. And caring is lovely. So, let’s all share, and care, and love.

You can download these 8 individual heart files here. Or you can just click the image to download, too.

Speaking of love, do you love Instagram? I do. I literally have over twenty thousand more followers on Facebook but I just love Instagram. I posted this recently because boy it is so true. Every time I drop my kids off at school, I cringe a little inside thinking please wash your hands at least 43 times!. I know you mamas feel me on this. If you want to follow me on the ‘Gram as the cool kids say, you can follow me at @pinklemonadecompany or http://www.instagram.com/pinklemonadecompany.

I hope your week is full of love (and less germs).




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