I am so pumped to get this out. I am loving the new PLC Flea Market collection that was released yesterday so I wanted to follow it up with a FREE kit (because gratitude and we all need some more free in our lives!). Oh, let’s back it up just a bit… If you [...]

  If you own a business having fresh new content for social media is not always easy. Grab these 4 free social media images. Post them to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Use the hashtag #pinklemonadecompany if you post to Instagram. ? Please do not share these files or sell as your own.     

One of my grandmothers had a strong affection for light blues and soft aquas. The other one loved pink. She even had pink carpet throughout her house for the longest time. Between the two of them, they nurtured my creativity from a very young age. When I would go visit them they would both let [...]

Hi. I’m Kelli. I am obsessed with digital graphics. If you can relate, read on. Or maybe you are new to the whole wonderful of graphics and digital design. If so, you should read on, too. First off, so that this post makes sense to those who don’t know me, I run a graphics membership [...]

It’s rainy outside today. It’s Saturday. And I am creating just for fun. Since I design for a living, I really enjoy when I can just sit down and create some stuff for fun. “She works hard for the money, so hard for it, honey” – that song just went through my head. I haven’t [...]

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