On snow days, I paint. Evidently. Snow days are completely rare here in Texas but last Wednesday was a full-on paint fest in flannel PJs while the stew was in the slow cooker.

The schools were closed, the children were home, and I assume most of the town was on a wintry white lockdown. The traffic was sparse on my street – a street that is normally one of the busiest in town. My sister, who works retail, was even given the day off as the whole store was closed.

I started off the morning with coffee, working a bit, and then my paints started beckoning. I don’t make time to paint as often as I would like but this day was as if Mother Nature herself suggested I take the afternoon off.

I couldn’t argue with her. This year has been a non-stop whirlwind of working more hours than I can count, scrambling to meet deadlines, and waking up well before dawn to cram it all in.

This snow day was a gift.

Two Dinosaurs + a Dog!

During my impromptu paint session, Madam Sass came to visit me. She knows what’s up.

What started as random smudges and splats of paint turned into this crazy, colorful lady full of life. She doesn’t put up with much. If anything. She knows what she wants in life and has lived long enough to get away with it.

She is one of those souls who just does what she wants and if someone objects or judges her she simply does not care. She lives to be amused by her own creativity and imagination.

Just getting all messy on a cold day.

God bless her for that. Maybe Madam Sass is my older self meeting me for a glimpse of who I will be when I have aged about 30 or 40 years more.

Full disclosure: The idea of being a cheeky older lady who embodies her own style, fresh perspective, is a bit dismissive, and has a penchant for color is my idea of a good time. Bring it.

Whoever she is and where ever she ends up in life, I have no doubt that she will have a good story to tell.

Just a little Snow Day fun!

Oh, before you go, did you see this month’s new graphics? I love them so much. They were a lot of fun to create. A beautiful aqua, with a retro vibe, and women in their own right being their own versions of Madam Sass. Wanna peek? Of course, you do. 😜

A little bit of Retro + Glam!

Stay creative!

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