Part 2 – Getting out of your own way

This month we are doing a series on goals and talking about how we can get out of our own way. This is part 2 in that series.  Hi! Last week I shared with you how I came to the conclusion that things two things were keeping my business stuck: I had no goal system in […] Read more

Goals and Getting out of Your Own Way – Part One

It’s June! How is this year already half over?! I cannot wrap my brain around that. I really think I was sipping champagne waiting for the clock to strike midnight bringing in the new year not that long ago. Wait, that wasn’t me. On New Years Eve, I was playing some old skool Mario Bros. at […] Read more

40 things I learned by age 40

If you are going to cry over a man and you are wearing expensive mascara, he better be worth it. Know the value within yourself. This changes everything. You are surrounded by grace. Live like it. Chances are, you deserve more than you think you do. Allow others the freedom to be who they are […] Read more

Q and A with Kelli – episode 1

  Hi! I really liked working on this session of Q and A. I had to limit the questions to just three but if you are wanting to ask your question, I send out an email every month giving you a chance to ask me. All you need to do to make sure you get […] Read more

How to Add a Call to Action on Facebook

Hi! Today, in this quick little video, we are learning how to add a Call to Action button on our Facebook business page. This is a great way to get people to click on over to your website, sign up for your email list, go shopping on your site, or contact you. Have questions? Leave […] Read more

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