Hey! I did a little Facebook Live video the other night (messy hair, no makeup and all, girl!). I shared three ways in which I get my creative groove going. If you missed it,  you can watch it below. Not gonna lie – the video took a bit of a turn when the kids crashed my party. But that’s how I roll, and I know you get that if you have been following PLC for anytime at all.

So, what is the deal with creativity? Well, in my world, she is sometimes an elusive mistress. If my day is going a little weird and I’m not feeling it – she doesn’t want to even be seen with me. And that’s all grand unless you are getting paid to use your creativity. So, I kinda need her to buddy up with me so we can get stuff done and pay the bills.

In the video above I explain my top three ways to get Lady Creative on my side. But I am going to paraphrase it here because sometimes we have things to do other than watch videos. I get that.

  1. Mindset. Each morning I wake up and head out to my deck where I sit in silence (until my kids find me). It’s a noisy world out there and it’s hard to come up with fresh new ideas when yesterday’s commercials and newsfeed are still buzzing in your brain. So, I very intentionally get still and silent. I listen to birds. I write down my goals in my journal (so important!). I meditate and I pray. Or I listen to a positive book on Audible. I also drink my coffee or water. This ritual has become so important in my life and I am very off kilter when it doesn’t happen.
  2. Intentionally Finding Beauty. I purposely find beautiful things that inspire me. Sometimes I read a new book that lifts my spirit. Other times you will find me cruising Pinterest for gorgeous visuals. If I can’t stop working, I do something as simple as light a candle. I started a ‘thing’ last year where I would light two candles each day that I was working. One for God to show up, and one for creativity to join me. It sets me in such a good frame of mind. Who can be all nuts when God and Creativity are joining you at your desk?  Not me. And from time to time, intentionally finding beauty means spontaneously getting away to my favorite hotel that is 3 hours away from my home. Road trip, kids!
  3. And lastly, decluttering. I wish this one didn’t work so well. But it tends to work so well…darn it! I am messy by nature. I like to see my work sprawled about so I feel I have control over what all is going on. Until I don’t. I can work like this for a bit but the older I get the more I realize I need organization and a zen-like environment to churn out my best work. But decluttering and tidying up also gives me space. It’s like a breath of fresh air that gives me time to think while cleaning somewhat on auto-pilot. And that is where the bonus magic is in this practice.

Giving yourself time to decompress from all that is going on is crucial to being creative. And no matter what your line of work (or play) it almost always involves some level of creativity. So, what are the ways you get yourself in the creative zone? I would love to hear in the comments below.

Stay creative. xx.



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