• Your Business Vision

    I’m over 2020 a little bit. It honestly wasn’t that bad of a year for me personally but seeing it affect so many people negatively makes me want to skip to the end.

    Let’s just fast forward to 2021, and get out the champagne because it’s going to be great. (Okay, yes, I’m a diehard optimist but I still think it’s going to be great).

    But before we cue to confetti and bring out the new year’s resolutions (or not), let’s get READY!

    In this quick video, I’m talking about getting ready and having a vision for your business. This is something that I do in my own business and helps me propel forward every year so don’t skip it! There are also some journal prompts at the end of the video that are really helpful.

    Alright. If you’ve watched the video and done the journaling, I’d love to hear about your vision in the Facebook group. Can you believe we’ve grown to over 14,000 creative members?! That blows my mind. If you haven’t joined yet, come hang with us. I’d love to connect with you there.

    Cheers to your business in 2021!

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  • Low Resolution vs High Resolution | Canva vs Photoshop | Digital Graphics


    In this video I am talking about:
    creating digital files
    low resolution vs. high resolution
    Canva vs. Photoshop

    If you like the video and want more training from me, stay tuned for Design Business in a Box. We open it for enrollment twice a year. It’s currently closed but will be open soon. Get on the waitlist here:

    While you’re waiting for Design Business in a Box to open its doors, if you’re ready to start rockin’ Photoshop, join me for Creative Crazy Cool Photoshop + Graphics Workshop! Get in here:

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  • The ‘Trick’ I Use to Go to the Next Level in My Creative Business


    In this video for my private Facebook group, I talk about how I go to the next level and grow bigger in my business.

    >> I have used this ‘trick’ at every stage of significant growth.

    I also talk about how:

    • YOU get to decide what you want in life.
    • YOU get to decide how you run your business.
    • It gets to get better and grow all the time.
    • It doesn’t have to be hard.


    Join my private Facebook group of over 4700 creatives! We would love to hang with you. (Aw – it’s such a great group!). Click here to join.

    Sign up below the video and get some free graphics along with a free guide on ways to make money with digital graphics.

    You will also get info on when the next round of Design Business in a Box is happening. This is our signature course where we go over Design Skills (Photoshop), Marketing and Mindset.


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