After being in the digital graphics business for years there is a question I see constantly. (Which is my favorite question because I love seeing people getting interested in digital graphics and design!).

The question goes something like this…

“Your graphics are cute but how do I use them?”



And this is where I get all excited because there are a million and one uses and I love sharing the graphics and the ideas with you. So, let me give you a place to start…



I have a graphics membership site where the members use the graphics in various ways. Most members are business owners who use the graphics to create their own designs and then sell a product. But they also use them to create social media images. Some use the graphics for website design. And then others might use the graphics to create a fun at-home product, like printable wall art or designing an invitation to their daughter’s birthday party.

With a little imagination, digital graphics can be used in endless ways.

A lot of the members sell t-shirts and that in itself leads to the question of ‘how do I do that?’.



There are several ways to create t-shirts. There are many ways to print them. Some people use screen printing while some use DTG or Direct To Garment. Those options tend to be a little pricier to get into so a lot of the members use sublimation printing. This is a great entry level printing option that can scale with your business and can lead to great results. Another method some members use is printable vinyl.

Keep in mind there are other printer types and methods but for the most part, I see my graphics used with sublimation and printable vinyl. In my own business, I have experience with DTG, sublimation and printable vinyl. And I love them each in their own ways.

The thing with each method is that they each have their strengths and weaknesses. For example, DTG is great for printing on dark shirts as it has the option to print with white ink. It is a good choice for people wanting to print on cotton shirts as well. Sublimation works best on polyester shirts but doesn’t work on dark shirts. Sublimation is also very cool as you can print on mugs and other surfaces that DTG doesn’t work on.

Check out PLC Print Workshop for more on printing for your business.

Back to the question of “How do I use your graphics?” Since there are endless ways to use them and endless products that can be created with them.

One of the best ways to begin is to get in there and do some research.  Hang out where digital graphics users hang out.  Join some Facebook groups as they are such a good resource that we have these days!

You are welcome to join my group here. It is filled with members using digital graphics. We have business owners that are new to owning a business, some seasoned business owners, and some who have no interest in owning a business but have hobbies that use digital graphics. It is definitely a community that helps each other out.


“Soo…what software do I use with the graphics?”


And here is where I answer “I am a loyal user of Photoshop but there are other options that the members use”. And then, without skipping a beat, I get the response of ‘I can’t afford Photoshop’. And then, I say, ‘Yes. Yes, you can’. It’s $9.99/month and can be found here under the Photography plan. Want to see some of the projects that I created with Photoshop and digital graphics? Hop on over to the video.

So, download some FREE graphics, join my group, and get started! It’s fun. Creativity is good for you. And you might end up with a business you love or at the very least a great hobby!

All the best!